The  facets  of  a sucessfull

digital marketing plan

Know your product.


Most businesses fail before they begin because their founders do not have a clear set of solutions mapped out for their clients. Before pitching you should make sure to set out the Unique Selling Point for your  brand, product, or service for  the market

Learn Your market.


Business solutions driven out of good market research are bound to flourish if the solutions presented are supported by facts on the ground. Data makes digital marketing easier leading to clear goals and the right plan on the kind of marketing campaigns  to carry out. 

Learn Your audience.


Marketing is the process of communicating your value to your customers.  Learning the kind of person your kind of client is is key to your ability to effectively fulfill their needs. Your content strategy should always aim to speak to your user personas.

Create a users persona for every product & region.


Human beings tend to have mental biases informed by their virtues, taste, and preferences. It is important to segment your audience accordingly then create user experiences favorably optimized for each audience.

Have a 360 view of your business.


Have a realistic audit of your self putting in mind the market perception of your venture. what is the market perception of your brand versus how you perceive yourself? For you to grow you always need to improve your brand monitoring and adjust accordingly 

You are dealing with human beings.


It is easy to lose the human aspect in marketing.. your clients are affected by diverse social-economic factors so even as you make your marketing messages do not assume the trends.

Everyday is a market day


It is all about impression and perception. If clients can identify with you out of their office desks they will identify with you also in their offices.

SEO is King.


I doubt if there is  any one who uses the internet without browsing. If you want to be seen online then you should be more available on the top page when your clients search for you.

Social Media  is the gateway of a business.


If Search Engine optimization is the king in this game then the gateway to your business is your social media handles.

Your website and domain are the home of your business.


There is no better representation of your business than a custom domain name and an elegant website that caries the visual representation of what your brand stands for. 

Email marketing is the mother of  business deals.


If you are in business you understand this. Although there are other forms of communication. Emails are among the most trustworthy forms of personalized communication in the present business environment.

On social media- talking to one is talking to all.


Always be aware that social media is a public space and all your interactions are public.

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